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Being a truck driver is much like our own lives. It’s a journey. You start at point A and have a destination in mind, but along the way there are several stops. Many detours. A lot of bumps. But, there is so...much... beauty, mystery, and spiritual depth! How you are at the end of your journey is often very different from the way you were at the beginning. Early on, you look ahead to the long, daunting road that is just waiting to devour you...with all of it’s twists and turns, and all of the unknown surprises that can and WILL challenge you. But what it’s really about is how you choose to navigate through your adventure. In all of the peaks and valleys, all of the steep drop-offs and the rolling hills; turning one way when you should have gone the other; through the long grueling nights and the unforgiving, coldest of winters...through it all, what did you take with you? What did you leave behind? In every person’s journey, they have a story to tell. Perhaps many, wonderful stories. When I started, I thought God was my co-pilot. I was in the driver seat, and He was always there to help guide me in any situation. I was wrong. God was in complete control the whole time, while I was experiencing life at every turn. And like every other unexpected turn, God led me to where I am today. I don’t bring God into my company. He brought ME here. And, though I am no longer on the road, I am very much still on my journey. I have never reached my final destination...and prayerfully, I won’t. Now, my job is to send others off into a journey of there own. But just on the road, in a truck. It’s up to them what they will take with them, and what they will leave behind.

Tim Sheffer

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